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False Memory Syndrome Facts



The ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness. -- Judith Herman, M.D.Trauma and Recovery

This site offers pointers to key resources about "false memory syndrome," dissociation, delayed recall, repression, and recovered memories of child abuse and other traumatic events. My goal is to offer easy access to accurate foundational information about "false memory syndrome", in the following arenas: scientific analysis, clinical practice, legal, philosophy, media, and organizations. In addition, I am including some links to supportive survivor resources -- and a pointer to comic relief.

I extend my sincere appreciation to all whose support has made this site possible. I offer a special salute to those whose scholarship and heroic moral courage are exemplified in the resources contained herein.

Debunking the "Lost in a Shopping Mall" Studies

Notice:: Two articles by Lynn Crook and Martha Dean critiquing the "Lost in a Shopping Mall" study by Elizabeth Loftus are available by e-mail request. See the abstracts and further information in the Scientific Analysis section.

Ethics & Behavior Special Edition
Available: The journal, Ethics & Behavior, has published a special edition, "Science and Politics of Recovered Memories," which contains papers presented at a symposium chaired by Gerald Koocher at the APA. Find out why this landmark publication should be in your library by following this link.
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